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A Fool's Hope: A Holy Triune God May Save An Ocean

It is my Scriptural hope that a holy Triune God saves about an ocean.  We see that the ocean takes up much land.  It is my desire to reach the Ocean of the Pre-Converted Elect.  Surely it is a great multitude and the Living Water is Incarnate Deity.  It is my prayer that people will seek the honor of Jesus Christ.  If this is the case, the Spirit of Christ is already at work.  It means repentance over all particular known, unknown and general sin through the all-exclusive Cross where the unified merit of Jesus Christ alone avails for the spiritual grounds for how someone is right with a holy Triune God by faith alone that works by predestinarian love.  My optimism does not come from myself, but the Freedom of God in His appointed way to bring sinners to Himself for the glory of Jesus in particular redemption for all of His chosen over the earth.

“But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” declares the Lord, “I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.  They will not teach again, each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,” declares the Lord, “for I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more.”  (Jeremiah 31 NASB)

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Call for a Pentecost Unity like John Calvin's Geneva on the Great Confession for Presbyterians and Baptists of Reformed Theology for our Post-Moral Days

Do you see that Calvin's Geneva was unified?  Do you see that there was more Christian unity than with Martin Luther?  There seemed to be more disunity with Luther in the outcome of things but more unity with Calvin in the outcome of things.  I am referring to their historical time frame. God blessed Calvin's Reformed ministry to an extent that brought Christian unity, but Luther also correctly taught justification by faith alone and godly living.  Calvin was a man of God who did not compromise even on the nature of baptism nor does it seem that he had ever trained someone who has went to Semi-pelagianism (Philipp Melanchthon) under Luther.  The pursuit of this Christian evangelist is to create a Calvin's Geneva where there is unity between Baptists and Presbyterians on the Great Confession of Faith to stand for Jesus in a unprecedented time of history of disunity among Christian friends. 

A Little 33-Point Sermon on the Power of the Gospel in Noah's Ark, OT Reformation, the Seven Thousand, Jeremiah Chapter 31, and the Innumerable Number of God's Chosen People Who Respond in Faith

 Mike Petillo, BD
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1.)  The question of these times comes down to the free Spirit of God who precedes from the Father and Son: namely, in the historical times of Noah's Ark, OT Reformation, and the seven thousand in the prophetic historical days of Elijah.
2.)  This unpopular view among end time teaches  is a optimistic spread of the Gospel that comes down to a new global Luther and Calvin reformation and a Edwards and Whitefield awakening that is established in Jeremiah chapter 31, and the futuristic precedence of an innumerable number of God's chosen people who respond in saving knowledge by the Spirit and Word.
3.)  There are Reformed local churches like Noah's Ark.  What does Jesus mean when He says that days will be like the the days of Noah?  It would seem to refer to when Josephus speaks of a heavenly account where the heavenly chariots of fire say "LET US REMOVE HENCE."  Moreover, there will be preachers of righteousness like Noah in the near coming of Jesus Christ just like now, but the extent of the supernatural destruction of the world will be not by a world-wide flood but by a world-wide fire.   Will the world fall for Jesus or fall for Satan?  Shouldn't we turn it on its head by Jer Chapter 31 that instead of eight souls there will be a not a remnant but a unheavenly heavenly before the time innumerable people of God that will respond in faith and there is a sense that it does not matter on God's restrainment of the devil, but I think if there is a redemptive change it will impact all of life to an extent that positively effects everything in a new time of God-programmed change touching all of life because end time optimism is a gift of Jesus.
4.)  There are greater local churches that seem like a picture of the spiritual seven thousand.
5.)  If you put these local churches together in essential Christian truth touching justification by faith alone and predestinarian Christian living, it is possible by outward appearance to come to a great number but still lack in our day a innumerable multitude.
6.)  The Bible commands God's people to be perfect, because it means we are to be complete.
7.)  The innumerable multitude comes down to the free Spirit of God, but also God-controlled second causes of foredetermined evangelism of God's Gospel through faith alone in Christ alone that works by predestinarian love and good deeds.
8.)  The prayer of God's people should be a global spreading of the gospel through the Word preached everywhere.
9.)  The Word preached always accompanies the Spirit and the Spirit always accompanies the Word: namely, how can this fail in reaching a global community of people where it is the essence of God's power and strength and refuge for those to respond in faith and repentance according to the Gospel?
10.)  Post-millennialism is surely not any form of universalism, because universalism denies the exclusivity of the Triune God: namely, post-millennialism defends the Reformed and Trinitarian Gospel but does not advocate a universalism due to the fact that all the elect (a great number before Jesus returns in His once-and-for-all Second Coming) will respond to true faith by the Spirit but still there will be a remnant of spiritual and fallen Mordor hidden in the shadows of Mt Doom where there is sleepless evil.
11.)  The amillennialist has many correct and excellent interpretations of the Book of Revelation, but it also true that we defend and affirm in post-millennialism the real reign of Jesus Christ in a spiritual millennial sense like the amillennialist.  I disagree on their view on the EXTENT of Satan's release, because I am persuaded of his spiritual chained imprisonment to such an extent by God's control that limits his activity to the exile of Babylon and the demonstrative plethora of the Spirit in bringing about the saving knowledge of God's hidden pre-converted elect over all the earth.  I am saying at the end there will be a great amount of God's pre-converted elect without apostasy of the ruling eldership and falling away of the people of God because of the unity of God's people in a optimistic eschatology (study of the end times).  It does not mean there will not be those who fall away, but we may disagree on the extent.  Is it St. Peter's partial apostasy or Diotrephes hating Gospel-lovers?  In passing, we should not allow a single eldership rule but also preach repentance.  There is also a sense after the authentic Second Coming of Jesus Christ He will reign over heaven and hell in a further completed sense of His outstretched purpose in His foredetermined God-controlled bliss for the elect and torment for the damned in glory unto perfected mercy in heaven and glory unto perfected justice in hell.
12.)  There is no doubt that the thousand years is a spiritual and symbolic number, but also in an applicational sense it refers to an eternity of a thousand years in the perfected glory and honor of the unified merits of Jesus Christ for His chosen elect in heavenly glory.
13.)  It is true that Jesus Christ reigns from heaven over all things.
14.)   There will be faith on the earth when Jesus returns in His literal and physical and non-invisible Second Coming (where no mere mortal will ever know the day, week, month, or year).
15.)  All the heretics who prophesied the Second Coming of Jesus Christ ended in absolute failure, but sinful wishful and deluded thinking is not the same as a post-millennial hope.  That is, false teachers have not learned from past history about this obvious error, because history is neglected where it is possible to learn about errors so it will not be repeated in a biblical approach to history.
16.)  Again a warning to all:  do not predict the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, because it causes mockery to the gospel and dishonor to Jesus Christ our High and Only King.
17.)  For reformation to happen people must discover the Book. 18.)  For reformation to happen sinners must hear the Word preached, but first the Spirit must bring them to hear the Word preached through His outworking purpose.
19.)  An amillennialist will say there is a remnant of God's people in the spiritual seven thousand, but the post-millennialist will agree that this is what past biblical history has provided in God's mastery of time but we would argue a spiritual seven thousand that extends to Jeremiah chapter 31 where all will know the Lord.  Does it mean every single person?  Not at all.  It means there will be a picture of a spiritual innumerable people in an earthly sense that will picture heaven before the time in the heavenly work of Jesus Christ who alone saves souls for the superlative glory of His mercy.
20.)  Heaven is here before the time in the Word preached, because it is the convicting presence of Jesus Christ.
21.)  Heaven is here before the time in the spiritual Eucharist, because it is the remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ.
22.)  Heaven is here before the time in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, because God the Son became man.
23.)  Heaven is here before the time in the sinless life of Jesus Christ, because He earned spiritual salvation for us.
24.)  Heaven is here before the time in the death of Jesus, because He made death die by His death on the glory of the Cross.
25.)  Heaven is here before the time in the bodily risen Jesus, because He made turn backwards and upside down.
26.)  Heaven is here before the time in the ascension of Jesus Christ, because He will come back the way He came.
27.)  The seven-year tribulation happened in 70 AD, but there is a real sense where all Christians have tribulation as clings to their very flesh.  Sometimes God will intervene before a tribulation, during a tribulation or after a tribulation.  Most of the time He does not stop tribulation but has us endure the storms of His hand for our betterment, His glory and to test motives.
28.)  Those of physical Israel will not be saved because they are merely descendents of Abraham, but that does not mean God will not make them to differ by saving them.  That is, He saves Jew and Gentile alike in whatsoever He pleases.
29.)  Those of the local church are a mixed body, but we strive to fill the people of God in Christ with a mindset of a "born again" emphasis because what else really matters but the incomparable gift of Jesus Christ in light of its indescribable Scriptures in having a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
30.)  Christians look often to a future ruler who will be Antichrist, but there will always be pope-like antichrists somewhere.  We should not look for a future Antichrist, because Nero was the fulfillment of the biblical Antichrist (the man of sin).  In some sense, there are types of Nero around us in a lesser extent.  The reason why we should not look for a future Antichrist is because it really brings a sensational glory to Satan.  So much time is placed on this notion of Antichrist that it is destructive to the Gospel.  
31.)  Theologians say that if you read the newspaper it is possible to see the Bible's trustworthiness in display about the nature of man, but I have no reason to disregard this and see it clearly.
32.)  There is nothing wrong with seeing the safety of Israel and all nations, but especially Israel due to its biblical importance.
33.)  The question is, what extent will there be people of God when Jesus Christ returns in His Second Coming?  Will there be faith on the earth when He comes again?  If the free Spirit is at work, I am persuaded that many will come to Him by Him in a people where Jeremiah says all will know Him by the Spirit's power. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Reformed Baptist Respectfully Petitions the Presbyterian Brothers and Sisters to be Better than Us by Being the Face of Jesus Christ

If you have come to this place of the Internet, it is surely the work of the Lord due to its small size and the magnitude of the Internet.  In passing, I am not saying that my Baptist brethren are not like Jesus Christ but I met a Presbyterian elect angel.  He imitated Jesus Christ and bore the burden for me before I was born again.  

How did he imitate Jesus Christ?  Simply he gave his life for me.  How can a spiritual being die?  He was not in his incorporeal nature but he was in human form.  That is, the flesh of the angel is like our flesh or like the flesh of Jesus.  It is possible to harm them if they submit to death beforehand.  Don't you remember Jesus saying "I have power to lay down my life and power to take it up again."  It is like the elect angel, because he gave his life to have the way of Jesus avail for the people of God.  I am serious.  In what way was the angel greater than the new Balaam?   He had more titles in government than I could count.  This was his greater power over the human enemy, but I remember he would fight demons and avail.

What am I saying?  Doesn't God Himself swear hurt to Himself when forgives the sin of His people?  Isn't the problem of the Gospel that it brings pain and weeping and sorrow to Jesus?  Yet we see that Jesus Christ swear an oath of hurt to Himself.  There is a sense where the Father and the Spirit suffer touching an anthropomorphic sense, but not in the same sense as Jesus touching His glorified humanity.  

What am I saying to sum it up?  I am saying that why should the Baptist and Presbyterians under the Great Confessions suffer disunity any longer when I would call upon my Presbyterian brothers and sisters to be like Jesus or my friend the angel to swear hurt to yourself to bring about a time of peace?  Doesn't the Cross where Jesus swears hurt to Himself bring about peace (Rom 5:1)?  Surely all of us know!  It is no doubt the case.  I beseech you my brothers and sisters in Christ, would you bear the face of Jesus for us and allow us to have the better seat?  

It means allow us all to teach and practice immersion in credo-baptism under a new Great Confession.  Would you help us to cause unity?  It would be a non-Tower of Babel unity.  It would be unprecedented time of Christian peace under King Jesus.  

I do not mean a compromise to wrong doctrine.  It is true that John Calvin came before Charles Spurgeon isn't it?  The old is better but its not always correct.  How do we know?  Not that you are this way, but consider the ancient beliefs of Satan and the false views of Adam and Eve after the Fall?  Does the ancient belief just because it is ancient mean it is always correct?  If you go back further, it is true that God is the only One there.  

In that sense, the ancient is acceptable but that is exactly what I am saying.  The ancient is the unadjustable Scriptures.  It refers to immersion in NT theological doctrine in history because it best shows the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  How much am I asking you to put up with us Baptist people if you already approve of immersion in a sense of one of your modes?  I know the elect angel approved of the Reformed Baptist faith, because he was planning to have me move from NJ to AZ in a Baptist local church.  Mostly likely it did not work out because he was not longer alive (but he did come back) but he gave instructions before this in a hidden intelligence system so I could pastor at a Presbyterian church in NJ that also did not work out because he was not there (that meant it was not the right time but everyone encouraged belief in eldership ministry before the time).  I would not be shocked if he also was a pastor, but he lived in Maine.  I wish we were more like him so there could be unity because he was more like Jesus.  Farewell.


Friday, October 4, 2013

A Message About Conviction and "Born Again Baptism" Alone Through Immersion for Reformed Brothers and Sisters: LET ME EXPLAIN

1.)  We agree that baptism does not forgive sin, but Christ alone.

2.)  We agree that we need water to baptize without Roman oil.

3.)  We all believe in spiritual monergism rather than baptismal regeneration: namely, not the sacrament of baptism that saves but in the Spirit of God comes with the Word and changes the hearts and applies the unified merit of Christ alone.

4.)  We all agree that sprinkling is in terms of the blood of Christ as St. Peter and the author of Hebrews declares that refers to the atonement in light of OT pictures and imaginary.

5.)  To be simple and specific our disagreement lies on the mode of baptism:  namely, the main focus of sprinkling and immersion.  However, Presbyterians also accept immersion as one of the modes.  
     In terms of baptism, would our Presbyterian brothers and sisters touching the Historic Confessions be willing to side with solely immersion in light that of the weakness of your Baptist brethren to conform to professing brothers and sisters in Christ to be baptized by immersion only in bearing the burden for a fellowship of peace that is a real peace because of the predestinarian honor of Christ?

6.)  The precedence for immersion not sprinkling only would be something you already find biblically worthy, but what say us about infants?  How about we agree that we will pray for them in the womb because God calls His children from the womb, read the Scriptures to them as they are in the womb, and train them up in the Reformed things of the good Lord.

7.)  This is a non-Tower of Babel unity, because they did not bear the burden of the weakness of their brother or sister.  The Tower of Babel is a unity that rejects bearing the burden and everyone going their own way, but the Reformed church is called to bear the burden of REFORMED UNITY in light of the honor of Christ not ourselves or some teacher, and we ask our Presbyterian friends to put up with filling the church with people who are born again.  It is like Jesus saying to the Baptist brethren take the humble seat so our Presbyterian brethren may exalt us to a better seat.  That is, Calvin and Beza (Presbyterian) came before Spurgeon and Bunyan (Baptist).  That is why I say it is better because the Presbyterians seem to have come first in Church History but the Baptists come a little later.  This does not mean I do not believe credo-baptism was not taught in the written Scriptures.

How many Reformed Baptist and Presbyterian churches will agree to this in the New Confession?   If agreed, the New Confession would be adjusted if sent to me if RC Sproul has it and it is what I wrote on the New Confession but I wrote a letter to him that adjusted what I previously stated to make it work in light of what I foresaw and I make statement here.  It is m y hope that it can be used for Reformed unity.  I ask this of the Presbyterians who hold to the Confession because I remember a Presbyterian angel who was the most compassionate to bear the burden.  Will pride avail or the honor of Jesus?  Peace to you.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wanted: A LOST Confession by MA Petillo for Unity in the Reformed Faith

Dear reader,

     Somehow you have come to the abyss of the Internet and reached my web site here, but in the past I dedicated hundreds of hours and wrote a Reformed confession for unity in a two separate Flash Drives (there was different information on them to be sure but I am seeking the Confession with the other documents).  

     In one of them contended my Confession called "The Wittenberg and Geneva Reformed Bible Confession."  I sent this to Ligonier Ministries and RC Sproul through a priority envelope with the Flash Drives contained in it and just that, but as far as I know it cannot be found.  

     If I had it, I may POST it FREE on this blog site in this corner of the abyss of the Internet.  Anyone who has found  my confession for unity should write to either address below and attach all of the documents on both Flash Drives to an email so that way no one has to pay for shipping and handling.  

Thank you for your kind time and attention.  Farewell.

Peace be unto you,

MA Petillo, BD
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Monday, September 23, 2013

End Time Optimism Because of the Freedom of God

There is A Hope for the End That Is Anathema Among Christians These Days

There is More Than a Hope Because of the Freedom of God 

Christians By the Spirit of God Ought to Have Optimism for the End Times

Isn't the Absolute Freedom of a holy Triune God Compromised Concerning Spiritual Salvation If We Deny the Spirit-driven Optimism of Our Scriptural-Based Interpretation of the End Times?